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EVolve Houston is a coalition of sustainability-minded civic, business, and academic leaders who seek to accelerate clean transportation through electrification. Collaborating with government, academic, private industry, and community leaders, our goal is to improve regional air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Greater Houston area.


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"EVolve Houston and its members are key to implementing the ambitious goals outlined in the City of Houston's Climate Action Plan and Resilience Strategy."

Mayor Sylvester Turner

Built upon the goals set out by Houston's Climate Action Plan, EVolve Houston has set short- and long-term targets to increase the awareness, affordability, and availability of electrified transportation in the Greater Houston area. The Electric Vehicle Roadmap, developed in collaboration with over 40 stakeholders, sets forth the goal for 30% of new car sales to be EV by the year 2030. 



EVolve Houston is participating in this year's Climathon

The 2020 Climathon will cover the progress made across the Houston region to advance the City’s Climate Action Plan through design sprints led by local subject matter experts in the areas of Transportation, Energy Innovation, Building Optimization, and Materials Management.


The information session will be held on November 5th between 2 pm - 3 pm CT. 

The Climathon will be held on November 13th between

1 pm - 5 pm CT. 

Texas Energy Summit

Join us at the 17th Texas Energy Summit to help shape the future of energy policy in Texas!

This year the Summit will explore the intersection of energy systems, emissions reductions, and economic development. The Summit creates space to collaboratively develop policy solutions that lead to cleaner air and a stronger economy for Texas.

Chris George, Executive Director of EVolve Houston, is joining a breakout session on November 10 at 3 pm - 4 pm CT to discuss policies in electric transportation. 


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Join us on our journey to an electrified Houston.

Our Supporters

EVolve Houston works with numerous partners throughout the Houston region that support and contribute to electrifying the transportation sector. These organizations have publicly supported the efforts and mission of EVolve Houston and actively collaborate with us on a a non-sponsorship basis. 

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Evolve Houston Houston Electric Auto Association HEAA

Evolve Houston Houston Electric Auto Association HEAA