The 2021 Lordstown Endurance debuts in Texas

HOUSTON – December 18, 2020 – EVolve Houston hosted the exclusive Texas debut of the 2021 Lordstown Endurance™ electric pickup truck on December 14th & 15th. Lordstown Motors Corp., an Ohio-based original equipment manufacturer of light duty fleet vehicles, partnered with EVolve Houston to showcase the revolutionary design and advanced engineering of the Lordstown Endurance™, built to meet the specific needs of commercial fleets.

The debut took place at NRG Stadium where guests explored the future of electric fleets with the Lordstown team. EVolve Houston hosted guests from the City of Houston, NRG Energy, CenterPoint Energy, Shell, Greenlots, University of Houston, Houston Airports, Port of Houston, the Houston Police Department, and the Houston Electric Auto Association, among others.

"We are honored and privileged to be working with EVolve Houston as they accelerate EV adoption in the great state of Texas," said James Rajiah, director of sales at Lordstown Motors. "It’s exciting to see the Energy Capital of the world shift towards cleaner energy to support a sustainable future. Electrified transportation is a significant component of that future."

This exclusive debut marks the beginning of an ongoing Houston-based collaboration between EVolve Houston and Lordstown Motors Corp. Light-duty pickup trucks are the preferred choice for consumers in the state of Texas and are an essential fleet vehicle. With over 7,000 fleets headquartered in Houston, EVolve Houston plans to spearhead the electric pickup truck adoption within Texas.

EVolve Houston is uniquely positioned in the heart of future electrification for the city. The nonprofit organization’s mission is to improve climate conditions and regional air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by accelerating the adoption of electric transportation.

"We were thrilled to debut the Endurance! Texas cities have the blueprint for creating electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly jobs that produce our state's most popular vehicle segment: the pickup truck. Electrifying the pickup and making Houston the EV truck capital will play a critical role in achieving EVolve Houston's mission," explained Chris George, president and executive director of EVolve Houston.

Lordstown Motors Corp. has the capability to reach a profitable operation in a short timeframe through an already established market bridgehead. Endurance™ sets out to eliminate unnecessarily complex parts and mechanics through the revolutionary hub motors to build a vehicle that is as smart as it is tough. Endurance sells at US $52,500, and customers can take advantage of the $7,500 federal rebate.

"The Lordstown Endurance applies valuable and required innovation to advance electric vehicle technology and further enable accessibility for commercial uses," notes Director Rajiah.

About Lordstown Motors Corp.

Lordstown Motors Corp. is an Ohio-based original equipment manufacturer of light duty fleet vehicles, founded by CEO Steve Burns with the purpose of transforming Ohio's Mahoning Valley and Lordstown, Ohio into the epicenter of electric-vehicle manufacturing. The company owns the 785 acre (6.2 million square feet) Lordstown Assembly Plant where it plans to build the Lordstown Endurance which is believed to be the world's first full-size, all-electric pickup truck designed to serve the commercial fleet market. For additional information visit

About EVolve Houston

EVolve Houston is a coalition of sustainability-minded civic, business, and academic leaders who seek to accelerate clean transportation through electrification. Collaborating with government, academic, private industry, and community leaders, our goal is to improve regional air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Greater Houston area. In addition to overseeing and tracking the implementation of the actions set forth in the Electric Vehicle Roadmap, EVolve Houston works alongside civic, industry, and academic institutions to advance electric vehicle awareness, availability, and affordability. For additional information visit